B Chord Management was created in July 2017 in Mayo, Maryland by Scott Lehr when his founding project

B Chord began to make a huge impact resulting in the nomination at the 2018 Maryland Music Awards for Largest Contributor. What started out as working and promoting up and coming artists turned into a well oiled management machine. Our focus is to help artists on the growth of their career, as well as make the connections they need to excel in the world of music.

Our passion comes to the forefront and we want to help all artists along their journey. B Chord Management can also assist in social media presence, bookings, touring, merchandise and branding development.


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For general inquires, please use the contact form below to reach us. For all artist specific inquiries, please go to the website address provided on the artists roster page for specific contact information. B Chord Management is not permitted to accept or consider any unsolicited recordings, musical compositions or other material. Materials submitted by any artists or persons already established in the music business and whom B Chord Management has a relationship with may be considered but will have no guarantee. B Chord Management does not accept any obligation or liability on materials submitted without B Chord Management's consent. Any submissions without consent or approval will be considered a waiver of any claims or liability.

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